Bread SubscriptionWholemeal 600g – 12 Week Subscription


£2.40 / week for 12 weeks

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Biodynamic, organic, stoneground wholemeal flour, a touch of rye and a handfull of toasted seeds go into this wholemeal loaf. Known among our bakers as “Barney” this was originally developed as a low GI loaf for a pregnant regular of ours, so of course, once the baby was born, the bakers started calling the loaf by their name.


Note on subscriptions:
These subscriptions are primarily to help us control baking volumes week to week, so that we avoid wastage; therefore, don’t worry if you’re going to be away or can’t pick up your bread for any reason during the subscription period – just drop us a line via and we can put your subscription on hold and have it ready to go again for you as soon as you need it.