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A semi-soft blue cheese made from pasteurised milk

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A semi-soft, creamy blue cheese with sweet, savoury and steely blue characteristics. The flavour of Bluebell is rich and creamy, with deep, pungent blue notes and mild sweetness. The aroma is fresh and grassy with pungent notes from the rind, and the texture soft and yielding with a creamy finish.

Bluebell is made in small truckles and is dark cream or light beige in colour with light blue or grey veins and a natural rind that is grey in colour.

Bluebell is a well balanced and moreish cheese; it’s a gentle blue that will suit a wide range of palates.

This listing is for our standard retail pack of Bluebell, which typically weighs 250g. (Please note, some variation in weight is likely due to variable moisture content.)

Winner of the ‘Best Product Award’ at Scotland’s Speciality Food Show 2019.